There are a number of ways that we can help you so even if you don’t see it listed here, please contact us to see how we may be able to resource you with what you need.


We are working towards hosting an after school programme for primary aged children that are finding a school a challenge. We will come alongside them to help with their reading and math skills as well as provide them with some fun, a snack and a mentor while with us. If you are interested in this for your child, please contact us.


• Friday night youth group
• advocacy with the police, WINZ, CYF’s & CAMHS
• alternative education and career options coaching
• budgeting
• community hours supervision
• counselling
• life skills like budgeting, cooking
• mentoring
• teen pregnancy and parenting coaching


• advocacy
• budgeting assistance
• counselling
• parenting coaching

We will continue to develop ways that we can help strengthen families in our community in collaboration with other agencies, please contact us if you don’t see what you need listed here.

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